The WRL Photo Album

 I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Jim Musgrove for providing
this site with the many photos contained on this and other pages herein.
The captions on all the equipment images are from Jim's extensive WRL equipment
list of which he compiled himself and is copyright 1998.
Some of the following images are large since I did not want to degrade
the quality to the point that ads, and other print was unreadable.


  An early photo of Leo and his shack

  Leo and his wife Helen

  Leo Meyerson and Jim Musgrove

  Jim Musgrove #1

  Jim Musgrove #2

  Wade Sick and his extensive Galaxy Collection

  Leo in his shack - March of 1996

  Leo accepting the Army Navy 'E' award

  World Radio Labs site about 1953

  Leo's 55th class reunion of 1929 - 7 Sept 1984

  Leo with wife Helen and friends - 1994

  Leo operating at K1MAN - 1981

  A VERY proud grandfather - 1996

  Early QSL card of W9GFQ

  Later QSL card of W0GFQ

  Leo operating KWS1 in flight to Thule AFB, Greenland - 1956

  Leo with son Larry - 1979


Early WRL and other photos

  Radio & TV News Article Submitted by Bill Taylor-K8TBW
  Before Building or Rebuilding Your Rig, See Us

  Page 63 of WRL 1941 Catalog

  Page 2 of WRL 1953 Catalog

  WRL-70 Transmitter

WRL-70 Speech Amp/Modulator

  WRL-70 RF Exciter

  WRL-150 - 1942 catalog

  WRL-150 Speech Amp/Modulator

  The CW-7 CW transmitter kit

  WRL Globe Scout 40

  Globe Scout 65 - 1955

  Globe Scout 65B & Globe Chief 90 - 1957

  WRL Globe Champion - 1952

  Globe Champion 350 - 1960

  Globe King 275A - 1949

  Globe King 400-C - 1954

  Globe King 500 - 1955

  WRL VFO-755

  Globe Power Master LA-1600 and Other Gear - 1959


The Galaxy Era

  Galaxy 300

  Galaxy V MK 2

  The VERY rare Galaxy Duo-Bander 6/2

  Galaxy R-530 Receiver


  Meteor SB-175 DSB transmitter

  WRL Duo-Bander 84 transceiver


This page is under construction.
There will be many more photos coming soon including the great Globes!
In addition to many others.  Please check back.