The Modulator Deck
After cleaning and repainting.
In this photo, the deck is temporarily standing
behind a BC-610 for testing.  This 610 uses a single 450TL triode final,
and has a Canadian Marconi mod xfmr which is liquid filled.  The lash-up
proved well for testing.

The quality of this photo is not real good.  I did not have good light and was tight for space.

This is the entire mod deck, less the UTC VM-5 modulation transformer.
All transformers are Thordarson.

The xfmr at the top is a Thordarson Multi-Match driver xfmr.  The two white circles
in the center area are the driver tubes, which are now p-p 7581A's.  Directly below
the driver tubes is a Thordarson Choke for the driver B+ supply.  Below it, lower
center is the filament transformer for the 849 mods.  The plate xfmr for the drivers
is to the bottom left, and the 849 bias supply transformer is to the bottom right.
A pair of 5Z3 rectifiers can also been seen in the bottom portion.  The 500 ohm
line input transformer is mounted in under (behind) the chassis beside the input jack.

The 849 sockets are obviously special types, using a mount at the top and bottom
of the tubes.  These particular ones were manufactured by RCA.